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Flame Retardant Fabric Treatment


The Tent Merchant is a licensed fire treatment applicator. We are licensed by the California State Fire Marshall.

We need to know what kind of fabric we are treating. We cannot treat 100% nylon, acetate or acrylic. More porous heavy fabrics like "heavy cotton" need more chemical and maybe double-sided treatment. Every item will be labeled and you will receive a Certificate of Flame Retardant.


Standard Fabric

or .32 per sq./ft.

(9 sq./ft. = 1 sq./yd.)


Upholstery Fabric



Double Sided Treatment
(if necessary)

up to 5.00/yd


Flame Retardant Certificate - Required



There is a minimum of $150.00 setup cost for orders. On-site treatment is available for a minimum of $300.00. Questions? Call us today for a quote!


Licensed by the California State Fire Marshall
Flame Retardants - General Applications
Lic # GA-1349.01
The Tent Merchant